Fat is a Feminist Issue

(but not for the reasons you might think) Before I start, let’s just clear one thing up – I don’t have the slightest interest in whether someone’s slim, curvy, skeletal or morbidly obese. Doesn’t interest me…live and let live, I say. nike air max thea soldes nike homme solde Fat has long been called a feminst issue, ever since the days when it became clear that adhering to the beauty industry norm of a size 6 supermodel is not condusive to normal female life. From role models like Beth Ditto, Adele and Christina Hendricks, it’s clear that society now happily believes that curvacious is good and there is no need to work all hours to attain an unrealistic body shape only seen in Vogue. bottes ugg soldes adidas sale Good… chaussure timberland femme ugg classic short boots about time; all is right with the world. cheap air jordan That’s absolutely as it should be. ugg femme air jordan 11 soldes Magazines are now openly promoting the rise of the ‘real woman’… Bottes UGG Pas Cher France and therein lies the rub. Of course it’s fine to be curvier, larger, and to want to be larger – let’s celebrate that – but here’s what it’s apparently not quite so cool to say – it’s also ok to be thin, and to want to be thin. oakley half jacket Kate Moss was recently demonised in the media for saying ‘nothing tastes as good as skinny feels’. All hell broke loose – Moss incites anorexia! Moss makes young girls starve themselves! MOSS IS THE DEVIL!!! Er…hang on a moment…what was actually so wrong with this? She’s made her millions out of being slim. Same as, let’s face it, Beth Ditto has made her millions from being more curvy, but noone demonises her. Kate Moss is naturally slim. It was a joke, albeit one that backfired a little. puma basket bottes timberland soldes puma nike womens I daresay that La Moss could eat a Big Mac every day for a year and still fit into size 8 jeans. And that’s the point – some people are just naturally thin, and, in the same way that larger women used to be labelled, are now stuck reading about ‘real women with curves’ in every magazine they open. uggs pas cher en ligne air max 2016 There is of course the argument that featuring slim women in magazines promotes a culture of anorexia and bulimia. When I was teenager and at my most impressionable, ‘heroin chic’ was the order of the day. The models in the magazines I picked up weren’t just slim, they were positively emaciated, staring out from sunken, black rimmed eyes and flaunting prominent bones. moncler soldes nike air huarache pas cher Did I become anorexic? No, because anorexia is not, as the media paradoxically likes us to believe, as simplistic as young girls looking at magazines and wanting to be thin. bottes ugg soldes moncler 2018 air jordan 7 uggs uk sale Anorexia and bullimia are a million times more complex than this. Did other girls my age become anorexic? Yes, of course they did. But I certainly don’t think eating disorders were as widespread as they are now; and now, the media tells us it’s ok to be larger. moncler paris cheap uggs Go figure. soldes moncler The ‘real woman’ label irritates me. nike internationalist It’s a marketing ploy – nothing more, nothing less. ugg pas cher adidas ultra boost adidas nmd The majority of women in the UK are now over a size 16, so of course this is what PR and marketing agencies are going to come up with to target them. They’re not going to say ‘larger ladies’, so they designed the tag ‘real women’. UGG Kids Outlet Which begs the question… what constitutes a real woman? Are naturally slimmer women not ‘real’? And don’t even start me on a certain moisturising soap’s ‘real women’ campaign. bottes ugg soldes This is possibly the most pejorative concept I’ve ever had the misfortune to be exposed to. new balance sale The brand encourages women to see themselves as beautiful regardless of their flaws, whilst parading a long line of ‘real women’ who are actually all glowing, buffed, glossy, smiley and – oh, ok, perhaps slightly bigger than a size 6, which presumably makes them ‘real women’. timberland chaussures Why? Because they know that whilst the majority of women are over a size 16, we all still buy into aspirational images, so beautiful yet slightly curvier women hit all the marketing targets. ugg boots uk Smart. Want to be big? Go for it. moncler ugg pas cher Want to be skinny? Go for it.

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