Of myths and men

Once upon a time (September, to be precise) a lovely young lady stepped into Skylark PR’s tower (block) to find out about the world of PR, as she was considering it as a career upon graduating. We’d agreed to chat to her about the industry, and answer any questions she had, as well as dispel any myths about her potential future career. Which got me to thinking… (yep, we have a billboard so we’re allowed at least a little Bradshaw-esque musing)… what do people really think about the industry we work in? So this month, we’ve set to dispelling the top five myths about the life of a PR… Myth 1: We all drink Champagne. Every day. The truth: Champagne ceased to exist in about 2009. This pretty much coincided with clients telling us that money didn’t grow on trees, budgets were being made as skinny as the average fashion PR intern, and that sparking wine was a reasonable alternative. To be honest, in my experience, the majority of PR revelling and carousing was done by a certain age group who entered the PR industry when Edina Monsoon was considered the epitome of public relations excess. The younger generation, from what I’ve observed, take their work more seriously, don’t pull sickies, and don’t occasionally go straight to work in the morning from an event the night before. Goedkoop Air Max Nike Neither do we, of course. These days. Myth 2: You get passes for every glam event in town. The truth: Very occasionally, something exciting comes up and a ticket will find its way into your jammy hands. If this ever happens, don’t eBay it, be grateful, use it, make the most of it and enjoy it. Because these days, it’s all to rare. Once again, budgets for everything are at a premium. So if you’re ever lucky enough to get a ticket for something, don’t ask too many questions and never look a gift horse in the mouth. Myth 3: You spend most of your day getting shouted at indiscriminately by irate journalists The truth: Yes, it does happen, but if it does, it will probably, usually, be your own fault. Most journalists are lovely, rationale, normal people who are under pressure like everyone else. If you phone them up and tell them something incorrect or promise them an exclusive and can’t deliver it, chances are they will be p*ssed off and that’s noone’s fault but your own. But generally speaking, like every other industry out there, most people are pretty nice. Myth 4: Although lots of women do the day-to-day jobs in PR agencies, the majority are run by men further up the chain. The truth: Difficult one this, because there’s actually a lot of truth in this. At every big agency we’ve worked for, the CEOs / senior management team have been pretty much exclusively men. Nike Air Max 2016 Dames blauw Much of this is due to the usual and inexcusable reasons that this scenario happens in industries across the world… lack of childcare for women, career breaks to have kids, and so on. But – and this is a big BUT – there are a lot of agencies springing up run by women, and very amazing women at that. nike pas cher There are many formidable ladies in this industry who have broken through every barrier. They’re our inspiration, keep them as yours too. Which leads us nicely onto… nike air max 2016 wit Myth 5: Hardly any men work in PR. The truth: Weeeeeeelllll…..apart from the above (The Men who Run the Agencies), yep, there is a distinct dearth of boys working in PR. Perhaps it’s just not really promoted to them as a valid career choice at school; perhaps it’s a self fulfilling destiny whereby few men work in the industry and therefore few men WANT to work in the industry. But the men I have seen working in PR, in non-CEO positions, have been superb. They bring different qualities to the agencies and create a different dynamic in a very female dominated sector. Mochilas Fjallraven Kanken We need more men in the PR world. The end.

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