Blurred vision

Blur’s megamix at the 2012 Brits. Blast from the past? I was hit straight away by their complete incongruity against the hyper-produced X-Factor dross pumped out like slick sausage meat from the Simon Cowell clone school of dance. Rough around the edges and shouty – especially, and quite rightly so, Phil Daniels on Parklife – against the grain of the Stepford vocals and precise choreography that beams robotically from music channels and Sugar magazine these days. Blur was certainly ‘of its time’ and this time is sure not now, and that makes me dog-sad because Blur is about five hundred squillion times better than One Wanted JLS Direction. And I thought to myself, what’s happened to us? To music, to TV, to Blur, to me. nike air max 2017 pas cher femme Are we all just a little over-produed now? Life used to be a little bit more ragged round the edges. air max pas cher pour homme We live in a high-production-value, high-definition, surround-sound, 3D, hi-vis, high-perfection, highly pornographised world. Nike Air Max 2016 Dames Groen It’s all a little bit slick and managed and produced and we all work hell-hard make our lives look a little bit smoother than they actually are. My life? It’s often quite staged and reasonably well-produced, with the occasional bit of wonky scenery falling askew and the odd extra not reading their lines quite right. Just after I’d had a baby, the health visitors – visiting at first daily – told me matter-of-factly that with my immaculate baby and immaculate flat and immaculate return to work days after the birth, I would definitely have a nervous breakdown. I said I wouldn’t and I didn’t, but probably – although I didn’t realise it at the time – I walked a fine line. I was under so much pressure to create what I saw in magazines; a staged home, super-skinniness days after having a baby; a dust-free flat stocked with organic food. The pressure was all mine, but pressure so it was. Some of these things I achieved, but I nearly lost my mind doing it. In days gone by we were not expected to have an immaculate child; in fact conventional wisdom told that a pair of muddy dungarees and a grubby face meant that you’d had a good day. Times have changed and even now I feel my anxiety levels rising if I’m seen in public with a food-smeared infant. That’s not healthy but it’s part of the stage direction of modern life. I wonder whether we in PR are particularly susceptible to this. Kanken Mini Baratas Accustomed as we are to creating a smooth environment; negativity erased; positive comments rule; photoshoots showing glowing and healthy families and Photoshop wipes out our blemishes and our worries. We create scented synthetic little bubbles of a perfect life; these bubbles often drift slyly into our real lives. Sometimes the line between the ideal parallel universes that we manufacture for our clients and real life, are blurred. Scarpe Nike But Damon, you brought me back.

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  1. Brilliant blog post and so true! As a society we are now moving towards an appreciation of #flawsome – consumers are trending towards embracing brands that don’t hide their flaws (or ignore) their faults.

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