I’m a Barbie girl, in a non-Barbie world

Last week was the week that, under severe social media pressure, Boots un-gender specified its toys; following an outcry that its chemistry kits were branded divisively, as ‘boys’ toys’. Nike Air Max 90 Pas Cher It was also the week that I stood in the Disney-esque (OK, my other mum pal calls it Disneyland because it’s got moving walkways, we like cheap thrills) Clydebank Asda with my three year old daughter as she stood transfixed by a whole, shiny department of Barbies and her myriad life accessories: palatial house, beach condo, cat, plastic husband and power-base Pentagon-style office. It’s also the week I mused as to where Barbie sat, exactly, within my mindset – how healthy, really, is it to introduce a completely symmetrical plastic blonde to a three year old girl, and should I even be allowing her to look at toys that are categorised as ‘girls toys’ – and realised that, if I’m honest, I’d spent a pretty vast chunk of my childhood obsessing over Barbie and all she represented; whilst ended up a Greer-loving feminist. Slight disconnect, no? Whilst other mums are thrilled at the happy reunion of so-called ‘boy’ and ‘girl’ toys, and I applaud that, I just ended up wondering why we automatically (read: depressingly and predictably) assume ‘girls toys bad, boys toys good’. Scarpe Nike Italia Thinking back, I lived a childhood that, let’s be straight, heavily involved a Stepford Wives-esque unblinking doll with fully unachievable statistics and candyfloss hair yet ended up a feminist, which actually, I don’t think is a dirty word. Nike Air Max 2016 Dames wit I do realise that there are plenty of other factors at play here; but I recall pretty much every girl in my class at the time having an equal fascination. Nike Air Max 2016 Dames Zwart (don’t deny it girls. nike pas cher You did. I promise.) And although the boys of the time were all about BMX and Super Mario, I have to admit that most of them haven’t really grown up into screaming misogynists who truly believe that every woman should be a plastic doll at heart. Not that I know, that is. adidas y3 pas cher Was it because our childhood-eyes view of Barbie was the that she represented women being able to achieve anything they frigging wanted? Business Barbie, Mechanic Barbie, Undertaker Barbie, Running the country Barbie?? Perhaps Barbie led us little girls to believe that having very feminine characteristics didn’t actually rule us out of anything? Can’t girls be attractive, smart, intelligent and fabulous? We seem to be told regularly now that feminist traits = Not Being Able To Do Much At All.

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