What do we do?

Lots. Skylark Public Relations offers strategic media relations (Pauline plans and plans and plans some more). We create and manage events, ranging from commercial property launches to TV production company media days. We’re specialists in corporate and consumer media relations and have a range of fantastic partners who help us think up spectacular events; podcasts, presentation visuals; photography, design, media training and anything else our clients’ hearts (and businesses) desire.

With 60% of UK adults (that’s a whopping 30.1 million people) accessing the internet daily, social media is more important than ever and we’ve worked hard to add online PR as a string to our digital bow. Where social and digital media are involved, we endeavour to lead rather than copy. Of course, we’ve had a lot of help and advice from our friends, the digital gurus at Inner Ear, www.innerar.co.uk, but isn’t that what learning’s about? Better to learn from the best than assume you can do it all straight off.

What’s PR and does it work?


“The public is the only critic whose opinion is worth anything at all.”
Mark Twain

Many people truly believe that the PR world is wholly staffed by slightly baffled blondes (I quote Cleave in Bridget Jones) ‘f@nnying around with press releases’. True, this does occur (we’ve seen it) and true, Lisa is blonde, but we’re not like that.

The term ‘PR’ tends to be used fairly loosely to cover a wide range of communications activities, including:

  • Media relations
  • Consumer relations
  • Internal communications
  • Newsletters, copywriting
  • Media audits
  • Community engagement
  • Online PR
  • Events
  • Corporate hospitality
  • Media training
  • Speaker opportunities
  • Graphic design
  • Market research

Skylark Public Relations can work with your business on all of the above, sometimes ourselves and sometimes with our partners and friends to provide a seamless service that covers all bases.

It does not, however, cover handing out flyers outside clubs in Aya Nappa, as people often appear to think. That, dear reader, is promotion.

PR is fully measurable and quantifiable in terms of the results it can achieve. If it works you will see results, both to your reputation and your bottom line. We can measure in financial terms the value of the coverage achieved for you and show you the exact return on your investment.

This evaluation method shows the amount of cold hard cash  the client would have had to pay if they’d spent money on advertising rather than PR  – but remember, the value of PR is considered to be worth at least three times that of advertising. Confused.com? Don’t worry… we’ll explain it all to you over a cup of tea!

It’s less easy to quantify (in financial terms) the benefits of online PR and at time of writing, is very much a work in progress. But we keep up to date with developments in this field and so we can ensure our clients are not left behind.

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